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Profit from your most valuable asset: customer data

If you’re reading this article then you obviously understand that customer data, YOUR customer data is an extremely valuable commodity.  After all, you have no doubt been driving customers to your stores (both physical and...

Turn your data into something useful

Birthdays, relationship statuses and nationalities are three simple pieces of information that anyone can easily find, especially now with the amount of public information people are willing to put online.

Have you unlocked the full potential of RSS Feeds?

Having effective opt-in measures in place is essential for all digital marketers, but it does of course limit your email communications to those who have actively subscribed to your mailing lists. If I told you...

[INFOGRAPHIC] What represents a successful email campaign?

Ever wondered what people would say to this question? For a marketer who is using email it is important that you can measure your own success and everyone does this in a different way. The...
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