The big non-event: @facebook email one year on.

The big non-event: @facebook email one year on.

Do you remember 15th November 2010 or maybe you remember Facebook's project Titan? Techcrunch billed it as Facebook's Gmail killer.

November 15th last year was the launch date of the Facebook new unified messaging, including ability for Facebook users to have an email address. So what's happened since? Gmail is certainly alive and well.

Whilst the rollout of email addresses took months and months its now been long enough to say that if there was to be a taken up it would have happened.

I've been running analysis to see how many addresses are in use for permission email. Its been like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack with the volume of email less than 0.0015% of all emails.

So why hasn't it taken off? Users are not using email in Facebook as the user experience is very poor for email management. The tools to read, review, sort, filter, organise and follow up on email are non-existent. Even the default view for reading email is not great, formatting is removed from text and images are stripped.

Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and the less known email clients are streets ahead of the Facebook email experience. Even the message capability in LinkedIn is better than that of Facebook. I might go as far as to say even Lotus Notes can do email better.

With the major email clients developing rapidly and connecting to social networks I don't expect to see the number of email addresses increasing any time soon.

In case you are wondering, I do have a email address and I don't use it.

How about you? What has your experience been, please leave a comment if you do or if don't use a Facebook email address.

28 Oct 2011

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