Facebook Offers - tested or leaked at Sunnyside Bar

Facebook Offers - tested or leaked at Sunnyside Bar

I just stumbled across some content on my Facebook timeline which was a 'Deal' offered by a Sunnyside Bar for free fries! I thought it must have been some phishing content but about a click or two I was lead to a legit Facebook page where the page owner was no other than Rohit Dhawan, Lead Product Manager at Facebook.

The content looks great and also looks like it is to be used on Facebook pages rather than for checkins at a locations.

Once you click 'Get offer' you receive an email in your inbox which is your coupon. On the screen shot below you will see '565 claimed this offer for free.' From this we can guess that you can limit how many coupons are given out or choose an expiry date. Also the format lets the company to add any small print they want.

The email arrived promptly and let me know that this was my coupon to print or so to staff on my phone. It also allowed me to 'Like' the page directly.


23 Feb 2012

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