Get strategic with social media marketing

Get strategic with social media marketing

I often travel by train and sometimes grab a tea or coffee when the buffet trolley trundles past.
I take my drinks white so get the sachets of milk. The train I was on recently give out DairyStix milk sachets. Whilst ripping off the end of the packet I noticed the 'Follow us on' call to action for Facebook and Twitter.
Being curious I decided to explore further, as I wondered just what DairyStix's engagement strategy was and why I should follow them, since that wasn't clear to me.

On the rear the 'Follow us on' is seen on the right below

So when I did look at the Twitter page this is what I found

Yes, you read that right, only ever one Tweet, that was 30th September 2011 and a total of 70 followers.

The Facebook page is no better with 37 Likes and the last two wall posts both complaints, that have gone unanswered.

Its clear this is a social failure, so what are the lessons?

  • Don't just start social marketing because everyone else is doing it.
  • Have a plan from the start.
  • Ensure you resource it to be active. Nothing is worse than a social echo chamber.
  • Be clear about your social media marketing objectives and how these map to business goals
  • Consider where your audience are to be found
  • Be clear what you are going to offer the audience
  • Understand what the audience will want to talk about
  • Work out how your message can be part of the conversation

Can everyone be social?

Brands that deal with entertainment and leisure based activities, such as holidays, music, gaming, dining, cinema and so on are obviously social. Consumers want to talk about these activities.

Are milk sachets really even a social product? Are all products, services and brands a good fit to social media?

In the case of DairyStix they could consider building a community around some of their brand values. In this case supporting UK farming and environmentally friendly packaging, their website does show they have a sense of who they are and their values. Trying to create a community around a buy DairyStix product message will certainly not work.

Even more important is just who are they reaching out to? The people who buy Dairystix are not consumers but caterers (clubs, bars, cafes, events, catering). The consumer has no direct input to the buying choice of their product. They need to consider conversation that is appropriate to their target audience and how to reach them.

What is the most surprising brand or product you have found on social media?

13 Feb 2012

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