Have you unlocked the full potential of RSS Feeds?

Have you unlocked the full potential of RSS Feeds?

Having effective opt-in measures in place is essential for all digital marketers, but it does of course limit your email communications to those who have actively subscribed to your mailing lists. If I told you that you could engage with your customers in a non-intrusive way, without having them sign up to your mailing list, would you jump at the chance? I’m sure you would.

Well you can, and you have always been able to!

Whenever I train the clients about this, they are often surprised. Many are of the opinion that RSS feeds have been eclipsed by other media and do not represent a great opportunity for the modern marketer. If you are in this camp, I hope this blog post will convince you to think differently.

If it helps you to understand the potential power of RSS, just think of Twitter. It’s similar to an RSS feed - you “follow” someone and get notified when they add a “tweet” to their feed.

For some of your customers, subscribing to an RSS feed and choosing when and if they want to view your content may be preferable to subscribing to your email newsletters. Not only that but you will you be reaching the potentially unreachable – particularly those who may have opted out of receiving emails.

One of the biggest challenges we all face is cutting through the noise, billions of emails are sent each day and at times it is a challenge to be noticed. RSS feeds will help you to do this as when your customers use outlook to receive the feeds, the RSS feed will automatically create a folder within outlook for your company:

With Emailvision’s Campaign Commander solution, it is easy to get your RSS feeds up and running. You simply need to setup the RSS and simply submit your messages to the feed! Simple!

Emailvision clients that have taken my advice and tried this approach, in addition to their email campaigns, have been surprised at how successful it is, so I recommend giving it a go today!

A happy and successful New Year to you all!

12 Jan 2012

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