[INFOGRAPHIC] Social Network 2011....who's doing what

[INFOGRAPHIC] Social Network 2011....who's doing what

So last week we had a fantastic time at Mashables World Social Media Day (Slides found here) We sponsored the London Event and NewGals were the first speakers on stage. What a night.

We had some valuable content on the evening some of which I thought I would share with you today.

below is a very interesting infograph provided by Trendstream (one of our speakers last week) showing the uptake of Social Media by country and how in different countries, users behave differently.

The UK seems to be quite low down the list in terms of penetration but has a similar behaviour to our friends in the USA. Interesting take.....where does your business fit into this behaviouraly?

Until next week,

Pura Vida,

Mish and Beth

07 Jul 2011

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