Stop...Collaborate and Listen - Part 1

Stop...Collaborate and Listen - Part 1

As Beth and I generally write about Social Media themed entries I thought I would take a different angle this week with touching on one of the most common conversation I have with my clients as an Account Manager at Emailvision....Deliverability and getting into inbox.

As email marketers this is our primary objective right? We can be measured by open rates, click through rates and conversion rates, but all of the above metrics rely on the fact that your e-mail actually gets into inbox, whether it be for consumers or business to business.

So today I am going to touch on some key things you need to think about when trying to get into inbox:

1 – How are the ISP’s filtering mail?

Well the changes happened some time ago, most ISP’s have changed the way they are filtering e-mails and we are starting to see the effects these changes have had even more so. Google and Hotmail were the first to implement these changes by implementing Google Priority Inbox and Hotmail Sweep with most of the other ISP’s following suit. The reason they have implemented these new changes is that SPAM averages 78% of all e-mail sent so you can imagine how tough it is to keep in the good and out the bad and ugly which can reek havoc.

Essentially ISP’s are now filtering e-mails on users behalf based on their interaction with e-mails received into their inbox. So the more a user clicks on an e-mail sent from a particular e-mail address, the more importance the ISP’s believe this mail is to you and therefore they continue to deliver the e-mail into inbox.

When users don’t open or interact with e-mails coming through to their inbox, the ISP’s are now ordering these messages and deeming such messages not as important and moving them down the list or to bulk mail on the receiver’s behalf. After a period of no interaction with said e-mails, a prompt will pop up asking you if you still want to receive mail from the recipient or would you like to move to junk or unsubscribe. The ISP control this and not the ESP’s.

What does this mean to us as marketers? It means that our content needs to be relevant. Let me repeat that....our content we are sending our members needs to be relevant. Gone are the days where we can just blast our whole list with the same message without going to the lengths of personalising a message with members name or capturing preferences and sending messages that users actually want to hear about. If that is your strategy, I will gladly field a call from you to discuss because it is time to change the way you market to your list. It’s all about quality now and not quantity.

Some of my clients say to me “But Mish, you as an ESP want your clients to be sending loads of e-mail right? That’s how you guys make money?” WRONG....the better quality e-mails that are sent by our clients, the less risk we run of getting into tricky situations with the ISP’s such as landing in Spam Traps. It’s all about quality and we would rather have our clients’ deliver less quality e-mails with better return than more e-mails by blasting to their whole list and put our IP addresses in jeopardy.

Join me next week for the next tip on deliverability and what to think about when getting your e-mails into inbox.

Until next week,

Pura vida,

Mish and Beth

02 Jun 2011

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