While I was browsing the paper...

While I was browsing the paper...

Firstly, I would like to say happy birthday to the Queen!  (from Beth).

Secondly, I couldn't help but notice that Kate Middleton was spotted on the Kings Road yesterday.. clearly having just splashed some Princess pennies in Whistles (one of Emailvisions clients).  I spotted this while sat on the bus, reading the Daily Mail on my iPhone.

I wonder what impact this will have on the Whistles brand...all positive of course.

I did also read that the Royal Family have started to embrace the digital age, as they have given permission for the wedding to be streamed live on YouTube.

YouTube are expecting more than 2 million to watch this so it will be the biggest YouTube broadcast to date.  Read about this here.

Something else that has got my attention is the query over how print publications promote digital media.

I was in Starbucks before a meeting with a client in Hammersmith yesterday (seeing the brilliant SnappySnaps) and noticed that Stylist used their weekly rag to promote a new daily email that they have launched. 

I thought the glitzy line up approach was great.  The daily broadcast has been named after their Bloomsbury office, Emerald Street (just round the corner from Emailvision actually!).    They have promised to give us all an illustrated daily email that will bring up-to-the-minute style news but also thoughtful pieces on art, culture, careers and books direct to your inbox five days a week.

Sounds like a good bit of competition for DailyCandy (one of my favourites).  I for one will be signing up, if you want to get involved then please read here.

Stylist outdid themselves yesterday actually, as they also gave us some top tips to fix up our LinkedIn profiles.  See online link here.


Thats all for now.

All have a lovely Easter from Beth and Mish of The NGOTB.  We are sending you a virtual easter eggs through the airwaves!

21 Apr 2011

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