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We are delighted to announce that acclaimed author, blogger and analyst Brian Solis will be visiting the SmartFocus London office on Tuesday, 28th January, to present an exclusive webinar for SmartFocus clients.  
Digital marketers love metrics – at least they should!

What Gmail enabling images means for SmartFocus users

Last week, Google announced changes to the way in which images are served to users of the Gmail web client, and that these changes would soon rollout to mobile devices. Andrew Bonar of emailexpert.org talks...
In my previous post, I discussed how we can define our digital universe in the context of planning. Today, I will describe a useful framework for constructing your digital marketing plan.

Kick start your digital marketing strategy – (1/5): Defining your digital universe

‘T-Shaped Marketer’ is a buzzword cropping up on LinkedIn profiles and job descriptions and is used to describe marketing professionals with a broad set of skills (the horizontal line represents skills across traditional and digital...

Gmail tabs - Google wants users to value the promotions tab

The Gmail inbox has changed in two important ways. These are distinct changes though Google has introduced them together.

Personalization: Let’s learn to crawl properly before we start running (3/3)

In previous posts, I’ve looked at what personalization was not. In the last post of this series, I’m looking at the future of personalization – and how you should approach it.   Part 3: The future of...

Boost your online campaigns with landing pages!

When you subscribe to a retailer’s email programme, the questions they ask really determine your expectations. When you are only asked for your email address and name, you can pretty much gauge the level of...

Personalization reduces online shopping effort by 32%

If you’re an online retailer, you might be struggling to increase conversions because customers just can’t find what they are looking for easily enough. With product catalogues growing, customers are relying more and more on...

Personalization: Let’s learn to crawl properly before we start running (2/3)

Last week, I looked at how I would define personalization. In this week's post, I've looked at why curation isn't personalization. Part 2: Curation isn’t Personalization