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As I continue this bite-size ‘data-driven campaign’ series, today I’m going to look into how marketers can use their customers’ online activities to increase the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns.

"I am not a Number"

The central theme to the classic 70’s UK TV series The Prisoner is individualism versus collectivism, whereby prisoner Number Six, flatly refuses to become part of an Orwellian culture where people are content with living effectively...

How will first time buyers trust you and your products before purchase?

Best selling goods only become best sellers through word of mouth and consumer trust. When buying a completely new item we typically ask friends, family, ultimately we want a first-hand customer review that we can...

Hitting the target with Marketing ‘Magic bullets’.

Over the last 10 days I have been visiting Emailvision’s offices in Barcelona, Sao Paulo and New York, meeting with the local teams who are helping our clients to send more targeted, relevant and personalised...

The power of personalisation

I once had a popular high street wine retailer situated in my town. The manager, Graham, was passionate about wine and intimately knew huge amounts about every bottle he stocked in his store. He had...

How to develop successful data-driven campaigns: Geolocation

Continuing the ‘data-driven campaign’ series, in this blog I will explain how marketers can use their customer’s location to increase the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns.

Introducing the DMQ: Digital Marketing Quarterly

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Quarterly from Emailvision, a marketing journal featuring articles, surveys and interviews that cover the most important trends in digital marketing today.

Profit from your most valuable asset: customer data

If you’re reading this article then you obviously understand that customer data, YOUR customer data is an extremely valuable commodity.  After all, you have no doubt been driving customers to your stores (both physical and...

Why you need to trust the technology you have

As they try to get more engaged with customers, marketers recognize the universal desire to be data-driven, but many do not feel they have the information they need to make real-time decisions.

How to develop successful data-driven campaigns: gender

You don’t need a vast amount of information to start a good relationship with your customers.  One the most basic pieces of data you can get from your customers is their gender.  Using gender may...